About XVA Dynamics

With a wealth of experience in both the rotating equipment and semiconductor industries, our founder, Georgi Dimitrov, observed a recurring pattern among companies grappling with dynamics and acoustics requirements for their products. Some invested heavily in building expertise for short-term projects, lacking a sustained need for such competence. Others boasted strong teams, but struggled to balance general competence activities with product-specific ones. Lastly, some organizations overlooked dynamics and acoustics due to resource and time constraints.

At XVA Dynamics, our vision is to fill this market gap by:

Reliability in Dynamics and Acoustics Projects

We are the go-to partner for dynamics and acoustics projects, bringing vast experience across different industries and applications. Count on us to deliver results you can trust.

Comprehensive Support throughout Product Generation

We support teams with design and measurement activities throughout their product development process and beyond. Our expertise seamlessly integrates with your team, elevating your project’s success.

Constantly Growing Competence

With an unwavering commitment to building on our dynamics and acoustics competence, we ensure we have the right engineer for every task at hand. Our passion for excellence drives us to deliver outstanding solutions.

Since our inception, XVA Dynamics has forged strong connections with the measurement equipment industry, granting us access to cutting-edge sensing technologies for even the most demanding applications.

Our valued customers, including KonneXXions, ASML, and Sioux have placed their trust in us and continue to support us on our journey towards achieving our goals.

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Join us at XVA Dynamics, where precision, reliability, and innovation converge to create engineering solutions that transcend expectations. Let’s shape a dynamic and acoustically sound future together.

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